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Beefuddled Farms

Clinton, Pennsylvania



Jim Cain is a fourth generation beekeeper and the owner of Beefuddled Farms. He originally began keeping bees over twelve years ago because his grandson Gavin had allergies. Prior to that, Jim's descendants had all kept bees back through three  generations!

Jim was hoping local honey would help his grandson and it did! Jim taught his daughter Michelene to tend the hives along side of him. His wife Joanne helps with sales, marketing, and delivery. 

We appreciate your support of local beekeepers. It is important to us to keep the tradition alive. We funnel much of our sales back into the care and maintenance of our bees. 

Please visit our SHOP tab to find out more about our products. We currently do not have a store so all product pick up is by appointment or arranged delivery. 

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