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We don't know how nature does it; we just bring it to you

Can I be a beekeeper?


People are lining up to learn about bees and are curious about what it takes to be a bee keeper. The exposure and interest are wonderful for our pollinator friends and we highly encourage you to consider being an Apiarist (bee keeper).


Steps we recommend-

There are a lot of wonderful local chapters online and on Facebook for community bee keeping. They're a hive of activity so look them up and join! These groups are an invaluable place of knowledge and community partnership. They also offer many free seminars and tons of great people who are very knowledgable. 


Make a bee line for the library and read everything you can about bees. The more detailed things like queen rearing can wait but you do want to be familiar with laying patterns, bee types, and the other general things about the creatures you're going to be fostering.


Be prepared to bee hands on. Should you decide to have bees but you aren't comfortable going in the hive - you'll be a bee haver - not a bee keeper. Hives need to be checked a few times a year. You'll have to be comfortable suiting up and going in for the honey.


The first step is often the hardest. If you're not sure if you can handle the heat, Beefuddled Farms (and many local bee keepers) will allow you to borrow a suit and come into the hives with us during one of our checks. It's only fair to warn you that this is how we got hooked on honey.


If you're completely into the Apiarist title and have a bee in your bonnet, we do offer to come and help you set up/learn/maintenance your own hive. There is a cost involved and you can email us for more details at


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