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Beefuddled Farms

We don't know how nature does it; we just bring it to you

Raw Honey

Currently we have mid summer honey  

4 oz Jelly Jar- $5

8 oz Jelly Jar- $10

16 oz Jelly Jar- $20

32 oz Quart Mason Jar - $35

Square of Honeycomb - $20

Use our contact tab above to order locally in the Pittsburgh, PA. area.

We apologize but we currently do not ship honey.

Pick up by appointment only in Clinton, PA. or we can deliver to certain areas:

Clinton, Oakdale, Robinson, Sewickley, Moon Twp.

Depending on which study you read: 85-90% of the honey you can buy in the grocery store has never seen a flower. Honey producers put feeders of corn syrup outside the hives and the bees make their honey from the corn syrup. Yuck. Some honey producers add corn syrup to extend and maximize their yield; adding corn syrup also makes the honey look nice and translucent on the store shelves. Again = Yuck. Even if some of that honey in the store was real (made from flower nectar), any honey that is not labeled 'raw' has been heated to 160+ degrees. This heating process keeps the honey from crystalizing but may also destroy nutrients, pollen, and other beneficial pieces. 


Please buy local honey to ensure you're getting the good stuff! There are many local beekeepers in your area. All you have to do is search for them. 


The health benefits of honey are as sweet as it gets! The honey from each year can vary slightly in taste because the honey is made from the bees choice of available ingredients. All the honey we have available is from the current or previous honey season and is sold individually in food grade mason jars. 

Light (usually spring) honey offers a light and slightly floral taste. The main nectar for this time of year is dandelions and clover. You may be able to pick out some lilac or rose notes as the honey dances around your taste buds. This honey offers a slightly sweeter and hardier taste than the spring honey. The color of this honey is a golden wheat.

Beefuddled Farms does not feed sugar water or corn syrup to the hives from which we harvest honey. You can trust that our honey is the highest quality and has no additives of any kind.


Honey on the Comb

Honey on the Comb!
Call or text us at 412-498-1607

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