Clever Ways to Enjoy Honey

Honey isn't just for tea!

How many ways can we enjoy honey? It turns out, the options are endless!

Let's think about it!

1. Top your ice cream with honey and nuts and watch the kids go crazy.

2. Google recipes with honey and see the endless options.

3. Drizzle it on fresh peaches, berries, or other fruit.

4. Love your oatmeal even more with honey and brown sugar.

5. Spread it on peanut butter sandwiches (add banana too!).

6. Vegetables love honey! How about a smackerel of honey on your sauteed carrots?

This summer, splurge on a large jar of our light honey. Leave it on the counter (no tucking away in the cupboard!) and use at least a spoonful a day. Your health will benefit and your life will be so much sweeter.

Happy Fourth of July!

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