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Beefuddled Farms Has Honey!

Joanne was recently invited to sell honey at a local woman's event. It's always wonderful to be recognized for your products! Lots of new happy customers are now with delicious honey!

If you have a group or organization that is looking to focus on local small businesses, please let us know. We'd love to come and be an addition to your event.

Jim has recently harvested honey so we have plenty. It is a lovely golden honey with wildflower notes. We've added two new sizes (finally!)- a half pint and a pint- so we now have more of a range for you to pick from (see our shop tab).

Finally, if you have a baby or bridal shower this summer, we have cute little bears that we can fill up with honey for you. The cost is around $1 each and they would make a lovely gift for your guests.

We truly appreciate your support of small beekeepers- thank you! Remember to reach out for ahead for a honey delivery or pick up. We can usually accommodate you within 24-48 hours.


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