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We Have Honey!!

Happy Spring to our Bee Loving friends!

If you have purchased our honey in the last several months, we are very thankful! It is you who keeps us going, pays the hive maintenance and website fees, and gives us motivation!

That said, we have just poured many 4 ounce ($5) and 32 ounce jars ($35) of light honey. We have only a couple of dark honey jars in the 32 ounce size left if you want one. Dark honey may only come later in summer again.

Joanne, Jim's wife, is always happy to receive a text message for honey orders. You can message her at 412-498-1607. Or look us up on Facebook if that is easier for you, and send a PM through there. Joanne will arrange delivery options.

Once again, thank you so much for supporting local honey and beekeepers. We are grateful.


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