From left to right - Jim, Jake, Michelene


Jim started keeping bees in 2008 to help his grandson with seasonal allergies. The world he discovered inside the hive was more fascinating, wonderful, simply complex and challenging than he ever would have imagined. In his regular time Jim is a nurse coordinator, a locksmith and all-around family man who can fix just about anything.


His nature loving daughter, Michelene, soon braved the buzzing to help him in the hives. Learning about the history of domesticated bees, pests and ever increasing threats to bees (and all pollinators) fuels many hours of reading. Michelene works as a PEMF technician at By the Wave PEMF, is a fanatical gardener and spends as much time as possible outdoors with her dogs.



Together they read, learn, experiment and share the wonder of bees with anyone who will listen. 

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